HGC, is a pioneer in developing and providing customized personnel solutions, uniquely conceptualized and designed in line with the operational needs of the clients’ organization by its promoters since 30 years.

The end to end outsourcing and staff, payroll management and personnel laws consultancy solutions are cost effective and tailor made to suit the clients business.

A team of experienced professionals with over decades of expertise, acquired during their chequered carer growth path in MNCs is enough to substantiate the foray which has made HGC as the front runner and is thus known as the “centre of excellence” in the corridors of various high prolific corporate. HGC, has today undergone a 360 degree change to provide multiple personnel solution services to its clients under one roof with the strong support of its dedicated and committed team driving the future growth and expansion for the Organization.

We have now taken a plunge into the concept of Business Process Re-engineering in addition to keeping abreast with the latest trends, invigorating and providing you with continuous improvements in quality of services through cutting edge technologies.

Key Processes

  • Payroll processing and management
  • Training and orientation of clients to labor laws
  • Audit and Compliance of labor laws (services delivered to clients)
  • Temporary staffing for clients
  • Provision of advise and maintenance of records under labor laws on behalf of clients
  • Consultancy services related to PF / ESIC / PT.
  • Recruitment and placement services for clients’ organizations.

Support Processes

  • Internal Administration and HR
  • IT infrastructure and computer support
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Payroll processing centre- for clients and for Karma
  • Document Management
  • Connectivity and communication processes with prospects, customers, Organization staff
  • Resolution of contractual and other matters / issues with customers
  • Security

Standard Operating Procedure
SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) Payroll, Audit and Compliance

HGC provides services in handling payroll management, assistance in making statutory and other necessary payments and organizing and updating records related to the Provident Fund, ESIC, PT and other labour laws on behalf of its clients. This calls for timely interaction with clients, completion of calculations, issuance of statements and remitting payments. The Timeliness and accuracy are the key business success factors in this business. The company provides specialist advice on the Labour Laws such as:

  • Employees Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952
  • Minimum Wages Act 1948
  • Payment of Bonus Act 1965
  • Profession Tax Act 1975
  • Shops & Establishment Act 1948
  • Employees State Insurance Act 1948
  • Payment of Gratuity Act 1972
  • Labour Welfare Act 1953
  • Industrial Dispute Act 1947
  • Contract Labour Act 1970
  • Maternity Benefit Act 1961
  • Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923

Payroll processing / management for clients is another vital business of HGC. The deliverables in this activity include:

  • Payslips and Monthly Salary Register
  • Division wise salary summary and Division wise salary Register
  • Bank/Cash/Cheque Statement and PF Register
  • PF Challans and PF Form 12 A
  • ESIC Monthly Register and ESIC Challan
  • Income Tax Summary and Professional Tax Challan Summary
  • Advance statement and Loan Outstanding statement

Recruitment And Manpower Outsourcing
The services related to the manpower supply i.e. body-shopping, provided to the clients cover clear identification of their requirements, timely supply of the right staff, regular co-ordination of the performance of the supplied staff and completing legal and regulatory formalities of the staff, in line with the contractual obligations. The quality assessment of the services provided is measured on the basis of customer feedback at various stages on various aspects of the contractual services.

For this, quality management system following the ………. model has been established in the company. The top management of the company is committed to:

  • Overseeing the creation of the Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Communicating the importance of meeting requirements, including customer, legal, and regulatory requirements
  • Establishing the quality policy and the quality objectives
  • Communicating with parties responsible for product and service quality
  • Providing adequate resources for the operation of the QMS
  • Reviewing the operation of the QMS.

Inter and intra-PC communication, as well as timely and prompt communication with CPC is regarded as a vital element for ensuring that the PCs achieve customer satisfaction and nip problems before they assume serious proportion. The inter-connectivity through a highly reliable, efficient and secured IT infrastructure takes care of most of the internal communication requirements. Open communication between staff is encouraged and e-mail is used extensively as platform for internal communication besides departmental and cross functional meetings/briefings as and when required.

Operation Management
The routine operation is handled by a team comprising managers, assistant managers and executives. The unique feature of HGC is that they have personnel drawn from a variety of similar organizations who have been instrumental in implementing good practices of their previous organizations and added to the knowledge-capital of the company Professionalism is the order of the day here and senior management has a strong commitment to monitoring, measurement, analysis of all customer-related processes to ensure that the company becomes a benchmark for others in terms of turn-around time and accuracy of information, data and submissions.

Strength Of The Company

  • Excellent customer focus, well connected and responsive service staff
  • Excellent training and development orientation
  • Competent staff and management
  • Excellent IT integration and well-maintained infrastructure
  • Seniors committed to authentic quality improvement
  • Continual improvement as a way of life
  • Accessibility of service personnel through numerous mechanisms

The HGC realizes that each staff member represents the entire organization every time he / she interacts with a customer or potential customer. Professionalism means interacting with every individual, customer, and co-worker, with complete respect at all times. It means being prepared, knowledgeable, and friendly under every circumstance. It means displaying compassion and patience even in the most difficult of situations. It means dressing and acting in a manner that conveys knowledge, caring, and competence. It means going out of our way to make every individual feel welcome to the HGC PVT LTD

Customer-Centric Organization
The Management of the HGC has always believed in being customer-centric; consequently the needs and expectations of the target customers have been the focal point of all decision-making and activities at HGC. The HGC aims to satisfy the current and future needs and expectations of the present and potential customers and end-users. HGC does not limit itself to satisfying the immediate customer; it also considers the needs and expectations of other interested parties and stake-holders like regulators, industry and society at large, which are affected by its activities. HGC continually looks for other ways to interact directly with individual customers to ensure appropriate attention to their unique needs / expectations is established and maintained.

HGC Pvt.Ltd, engaged in the business of providing services related to placement, training, payroll management, labor law compliance, employee outsourcing and other allied services in the domain of management consultancy, commits itself to satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers and clients by continually improving the quality of customer experience during all phases of the service delivery process.