Shops & Commercial Establishment Act

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Shops & Establishment Act: The following will be our duties with regard to Shops & Establishment Act.

  • Registration of your Factory : We will be arranging for drafting factory plan With component authority and will submit the plan for approval from factory Dept.
  • Approval/Renewal of Factory Licence : We will be informing you about the Payment to be made towards factory licence and will also be submitting the Forms with Inspector of Factories. For renewal of licence we will be informing during the month and will also submit within the stipulated time.
  • Maintenance of Registers : We will be maintaining the registers required as per factories act. The Registers are Accident Register/Dangerous Occurrence Register/National & Festival Holiday Register/Leave with wage register/Suspension Register/Labour welfare register/Adult Register/Workmen Register/Inspection Register/Fines & Accumulation Register.
  • Preparation of Returns : We will be preparing the returns (Annual / Half yearly) . We will be submitting it to the concerned office in time.